Vim for Vi

Vim for Vi Users

What every Vim user should know about Vim

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions Made Easy

No, that's not an oxymoron. They are quite easy if you think about things and graph them.

I should warn you that the slides alone are not enough to make you understand regular expressions. You need to hear the lecture.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Related regular expression graphic software (tbd)

Vim Scale Talk

Taking Vim to the next level (Scale 2010)

How to go beyond the basic Vi command set and start using Vim as vim

Slides (ODP)

Quick Reference

Cheat Sheet

Vim for Vi

Advanced Vim Syntax and Programming

For the advanced Vim user, a tutorial on how to create syntax coloring files and how to use the programming system to create macros

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Tar file containing the handouts and examples

Code Inspections

How to create a code inspection system

Practical tools and techniques for creating a robust code inspection system. (Presented in 2002.)

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Support Files

OpenOffice Advanced

Openoffice Writer – Beyond the simple report

How to use some of the more advanced features of Openoffice.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Clean and Muck

Cleaning up and Mucking Out and Paranoid Programming

How to dig you through legacy code and how to keep things organized once you dig yourself out.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Supporting Materials

Perl Workshop

Perl Reliability Workshop

How to make your Perl code better.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Paranoid Programming

Paranoid Programming (for TicketMaster)

Just because your paranoid, it doesn't mean the computer isn't out to get you. Here are some strategies for dealing with that.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Learning Linux

Linux in Early Education (2008)

This describes some of the tools and techniques used by myself to educate my daughter, Grace. Presented by Steve Oualline and Grace (age 4) at Scale 6x.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Handout for Linux in Early Education

Linux in School

Thinking outside the Box -- A Linux Presentation for grade school.

(2009) This lecture is designed to present Linux to elementary school children (and their teacher). It is supposed to be fun and to make you think a little.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

The State of the Linux Video Tools (2007)

A report on the current state of the tools for dealing with video in Linux.

Slides: PDF, OpenOffice

Open Source tools in a Heterogeneous Environment (1999)

How to install Open Source tools in a Unix environment with lots different systems and requirements..

Slides: PDF, Policy Paper

Date and Time -- The untold stories

For elementary school class room

What time is it? How do you know? What is the ultimate clock for the Earth. Why do clocks run clockwise? What happened on September 10, 1752? How do clocks and navigation relate? Why is longitude 0 at Greenwich England? What do railroads, cheap Americans, and time zones have to do with each other?

Slides (pdf): PDF

Slides (odt): ODP

Sundial Project: PDF

Note: The sundial project deliberately has only one number on it. Inevitably someone in the class room will ask "Which way do the numbers go?" I replay, "What are the possible answers?" (Clockwise and counter-clockwise.)